Sapphire, our EdTech solution, supports users who need to understand how ‘good’ a higher education (HE) course is at providing for the future employability prospects of its graduates.

It is being designed for a wide spectrum of users: from students seeking to find the best course for their future careers; to HE providers who are designing courses, engaging with local employers and establishing which parts of their programmes are best delivered in the workplace; to employers looking for the best graduates. In Sapphire’s first deployments we have shown that, at its root, it prompts challenges to the content and style of HE programmes and greatly enhances the clarity of the achieveable learning outcomes.

Sapphire has two main components: the first is a knowledgebase of skills and competences that we have derived from the world’s best occupational databases; the second is a software-based ‘competence engine’ that compares, matches and scores HE course content against current and future employer competence requirements.

Sapphire will be deployed in a range of different ways. For end users such as students, it will be a web app that allows them to search for the best courses to meet their career aspirations. For HE providers and employers, the knowledgebase is of interest, to understand each other’s particular needs through a common means of expression. For other EdTech software developers, it will an application programming interface (API) that can be built into their own tools.

Sapphire Product Overview


Sapphire API


Sapphire App - Program Flow