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Opinion: digitisation of work

Dear Sir,

As your article (AI eyes your job, FT 30th September 2019) describes the march of digitisation across all forms of work is having potentially a major impact on the work we do everyday and the relative mix of occupations. It is important to note also that some of the most negative impacts are not inevitable (just look at the profile of occupations in Germany where mid-range skilled occupations are still a very significant part of the labour market), and some of the currently highly rewarded consultancy jobs imparting advice are being displaced by data products and services using multiple data sources e.g. from earth observation satellites to drones and fixed sensors. The EU, through CEDEFOP, is making a critical contribution to the development of national and EU policies to mitigate the worst effects of workforce digitisation, and hopefully the UK will continue to benefit from such work after October 31st.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Cross

Dr Michael Cross, Director, Blue Mirror Insights Ltd.

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