• Fraser Harper

Insights through O*NET: 7. Using RCA with O*NET data – some implications

In this previous post, we presented Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) calculations as being a useful, though not exclusive, tool for taking first looks at occupational requirements and content and for identifying important job characteristics.  It highlighs the importance of occupations in the possession and application of critical skill sets.

While the analysis presented is at the national level for an occupation, it can be further refined by looking at sector, regional and urban levels where we might find differences across the country.  For example, we might find that key skills are developed and applied coming from a series of occupations in one major metropolitan area whereas in another we might find it very restrictive in terms of the occupations possessing the key skills.

To some extent, the RCA is an indicator of the health of a labour market in that where we see a widespread possession of a critical skill set applied across multiple sectors and multiple settings.  In the UK, this is an area we could examine further as the development of City Regions progresses.

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