• Fraser Harper

Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing 1

For manufacturing businesses in the UK, building workforces to be able to take advantage of Advanced Manufacturing (AM) innovations is quite different from that usually associated with more traditional Research and Development (R&D).

Why?  Well, normally R&D workforce development focuses upon bench scientists doing research.  While this still happens in advanced manufacturing, there is clear evidence that the innovation process involves a much wider range of employees across manufacturing businesses and their supply chains.  Adoption of AM innovations into businesses need to be accompanied by workforce development at the same speed and level.  In effect, businesses need to wrap themselves around the new AM techniques they have identified to stay competitive.

In this blog series we’ll investigate how UK manufacturing companies can make best use of new AM innovations, by comparing AM against a range of other areas of innovation shown in our figure below.

Why is this important right now?  Quite simply, more UK businesses need to be innovating, as we show in our infographic here.

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